No Break From Bias


The news business tends to view the end of December as a time for soft holiday features. Yet for some major outlets, there was no break from media bias against Israel.

In what was only the most egregious example of a growing genre of stories, The Wall Street Journal published a feature on Dec. 24 by Kenneth Woodward that claimed Christians in Bethlehem were being strangled by Israeli security measures. He also blamed the demographic decline of Palestinian Christians on Israel. The point of this false polemic is that the Jews are the villains who are ensuring that there's no room at the inn for Christians.

Putting the blame on Israel for the situation facing these Christians is to illustrate either ignorance or bias. The decline of Christianity in Bethlehem is due to the rise of intolerant Islamism, which seeks to destroy all non-Muslim communities, not Zionism.

Even more to the point, the plight of Christian villages, such as Beit Jala outside of Bethlehem, that rest on the front line of Israel's security fence is the result of the use of such places by both Hamas and Fatah as shooting ranges against Israelis. The grinch stealing the Palestinian Christmas is not Israel; it is the Islamist war on Israel and non-Muslims. Those who sympathize with Christian Arabs do them no favor when they ignore their real oppressors and join the pack bashing Israel.



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