Is I.T. Still th​e ‘It’ Career?



The era of the Internet start-up boom may be over, but the demand for technology professionals continues to rise.

Broader use of cheaper, more easily available technology by a variety of industries and a dearth of technology professionals mean that technology will continue to be a hot career choice.

The technology industry remains one of the fastest-growing career fields. Employment in the computer sciences and math fields increased by 78 percent, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. By contrast, employment increased by only 17 percent in nonscience and tech fields.

Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects information-technology careers to remain in high demand in coming years.

The GAO also found that graduates in science, math, engineering or technology fields actually decreased from about 32 percent to 27 percent of all graduates between 1994 and 2003.

As prices for computer technology continue to fall, businesses of all kinds will continue to integrate technology into their operations. This means that computer-oriented graduates will continue to be sought in a range of career fields. As a result, tomorrow's computer-technology careers will increasingly be outside the computer or technology industry itself.

The Information Technology Association of America found that 92 percent of I.T. graduates work outside the industry — a trend that's expected to continue.



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