Some Lessons Before You Go Abroad

Do your traveling plans this September include studying abroad?

Although most trips are free from trouble, for both students and their worried parents, it pays to be prepared.

Michael Kelly, president and CEO of On Call International, a prominent name in the medical and travel assistance field, offers some tips to help students and their families prepare for a safe and well-planned study-abroad experience:

· Students should apply early for their passports and any necessary visas. Parents should also make sure they have a valid passport in the event an emergency arises, and they need to travel to their child's host country.

· Spend some time together researching the country the student plans to visit.

· Check with your health-insurance provider to find out if a student's medical expenses will be covered out of the country.

· If a student uses prescription medication, stock up on extras and find out the names of those same medications in the area abroad where the student will be situated.

· Parents also should make sure they have power of attorney in case a student needs to be hospitalized.



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