Saving Corporal Gilad



The videotape of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit released by his Hamas kidnappers was heartrending. The world may focus on the words his captors forced him to utter, but it should also think long and hard about what this video says about Hamas and the people they apparently represent.

Hamas — a known terror group — is the elected representative of the Palestinians, and the masters of Gaza since their coup earlier this month. But what their recent videotape shows us is that Hamas is really a gang of bloodthirsty criminals.

We don't envy Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's dilemma as he contemplates a possible deal for Shalit's life. We pray for this young soldier and his family, and hope that Israel will find a way to save him. At the same time, we are reminded that the goal of Hamas is not the death of one man, but that of Jews everywhere. 



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