Letters the Week of August 27, 2009

Make No Mistake; It's Not About Rush Limbaugh!

Menachem Rosensaft's strident tirade against Rush Limbaugh (Opinions: "Where's the Outcry Over Limbaugh's Ludicrousness?") in the Aug. 20 issue of the Jewish Exponent reflects a left-wing extremism in America today.

Make no mistake about it –this is not about Rush. He is not the Republican Party, but just a hated symbol.

The conservative fight is against wealth redistribution, saving the free market, lowering taxes and retaining the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances.

The left's attack is against conservative talk radio, which it is trying silence through the "fairness doctrine." As this attack continues, the public anger will accelerate.

Limbaugh, a strong friend of Israel, is not a bigot. I would ask the leadership of the Democrat Party to condemn Rosensaft, along with the Jesse Jacksons and Keith Olbermanns — except they're the ones calling Rush and the conservatives Nazis and racists.

It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Phillip Remstein
Lafayette Hill

Jewish Leaders Need to Stand Up to Obama

Recent Israeli polls indicate that more than 10 percent of Israelis believe that President Obama is pro-Israel.

Most Israelis, including many on the left, do not trust his policies where they are concerned.

His one-dimensional approach to the Israeli-Palestinian problem is frightening them; after all, their survival is at stake.

Obama's Cairo speech in early June equating the Holocaust with Palestinian dislocation was an insult to the Jewish people and to the memory of the Jews murdered by Nazis.

The Holocaust was genocide. The Palestinian dislocation was a voluntary action prompted by the Arab regimes that attacked the Jewish state in 1948.

We do not want a "Beer Summit"; we want Obama's apology for this insensitive remark.

Another anti-Israel move is Obama's decision to award the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, who ran the infamous 2001 anti-Israel conference in Durban, South Africa. Kudos to the Jewish Exponent for presenting it as a cover story ("Israel Supporters Rip Into White House Honoree," Aug. 6).

The majority of American Jews ignored Obama's 20-year relationship with the racist and anti-Semitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright and so voted for him. It's up to them to wake up and challenge their candidate on his anti-Israeli policies.

Settlements represent only one factor. Palestinian corruption, the fact that they teach their children to hate Israel and all Jews, and a steadfast refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state — these are the issues and the prerequisites before any peace negotiations take place.

Most leaders of Jewish groups have been too timid to challenge Obama's policies. If they don't stand up to him, their organizations will become irrelevant, and suffer in terms of membership and finances.
Cornel Spiegler

Much More to This Writer Than Meets the Eye

Full disclosure, please!

The Aug. 6 opinion piece ("Z Street Looks for New Avenues to Strengthen Both Zionism and Israel") by Lori Lowenthal Marcus should have identified her as more than simply the co-founder of that group. Mention should have been made of her long-standing, high-ranking tie to the Zionist Organization of America.

By way of analysis, let me suggest that Z Street will clearly function as a sock puppet on behalf of the policies of the ZOA's "revered" leader, Morton Klein, as vice chairman of the national board Steve Goldberg described him in a May 28 letter.
Shmuel Betancourt
York, Pa.

This Group You Call 'Pro-Israel' and Peace-Loving?

In some of the paper's articles and editorials, leftist peace groups are labeled as "pro-Israel." That's far from the truth.

Check out the Web site for the so-called "Bubbies and Zaydes for Peace" (www.phillyjewishpeace.org). What you will find is a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel organization. The Web site speaks for itself.

Let's not be fooled that these are friends of Jews and Israel.
Zachery Margolies



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