Tole​rating Murder



Another week of mayhem along Israel's border with Gaza has led to more deaths and some questions about the way the world looks at various conflicts in the Middle East.

With each death or injury of an Israeli civilian caused by a Palestinian Kassam missile, the impetus for the Jewish state to respond to this crisis grows. So far, Israel's response has been measured; it has used air and land forces to try to hit those terrorists shooting across the border into Israeli territory. Given the inability and unwillingness of the Hamas killers to hold their fire, further military action may yet be necessary to protect the citizens of southern Israel from this unjustified and unprovoked assault.

These latest incidents should also lead us to ask why the international community is not taking seriously the need to hold the Palestinian Authority accountable for such violence. Instead, the criticism of Israeli measures of self-defense is revving up, as the misleading talk about "disproportionate" Israeli actions is heard again. While the Palestinian governing coalition of Hamas and Fatah terrorists are largely absolved for their cross-border murders, Israel is still being asked to hold its fire, and simply allow more of its citizens to be killed. The chaos in Gaza should lead us to question the wisdom of any further concessions to a Palestinian leadership that's not only unable to stop the violence, but actually foments it.

Ironically, at the same time that Israel is acting with such restraint in Gaza, the government of Lebanon is using its revived national army to put down an insurrection by an Al Qaeda faction that's taken control of a Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli. Unlike Israeli attempts to deal with Palestinian terrorists, few questions are being asked about the Lebanese attack on the camp, or the reality of Palestinian civilian casualties that have resulted from the fighting.

This is yet another example of the double standard to which Israel is constantly subjected to by observers of the Mideast. That is bad enough. But until those who have continued to send aid money to the P.A. hold it accountable for its inciting of violence, then their criticism of Israel should be treated with the contempt it deserves. 



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