Ditch the​ Support!



The decision of the Britain's National Union of Journalists to declare its support for a boycott of the State of Israel prompted this newspaper to ask why American news outlets would continue to use programs on the Middle East produced by openly biased British journalists, such as those of the BBC to report on the Middle East. The answer provided by WHYY, Philadelphia's NPR station to this question — which appears in the letters column opposite this column — speaks volumes about the contempt in which both WHYY and the BBC hold their Jewish listeners.

Rather than address the fact that the union vote compromises the integrity of the BBC and adds to well-grounded criticism of their notorious anti-Israel bias, both WHYY and BBC merely assert their own good opinion of themselves and dismiss any assertion to the contrary. Do they really expect us to be so infatuated with them? Perhaps.

But we hope listeners who are asked for contributions to help fund this travesty of journalism will respond to such appeals with the same sort of stonewall exhibited by this station. When it comes to them seeking your hard-earned dollars, just say no.



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