Terror Trumps in Court

The declaration of a mistrial in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation in a Dallas federal court this week was a blow to the government's effort to rein in supporters of Islamist terror abroad who raise funds for their efforts on U.S. shores. Holy Land was founded by Hamas supporters and channeled funds to "charitable" groups that served as part of the Hamas infrastructure. Along with others that pretend to be mainstream, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial, Holy Land served as the backbone of a terror support network in the United States.

Unfortunately, cynicism about government tactics in the war on Islamist terrorism has contributed to an atmosphere in which juries are reluctant to accept clear evidence of guilt, as was the case in this trial. But far from being victims of persecution — as they allege — the operators of Holy Land and its backers are indirectly responsible for the murders of many Americans and Israelis.

We urge federal prosecutors to retry the case and to keep up the good fight on the home front against terror.



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