Terro​rist Connections



The death in Damascus last week of Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh by as yet undetermined hands has provoked discussions about whether or not his fellow murderers will attempt to extract revenge for his slaying. This is a legitimate fear, but it is important to examine Mughniyeh's life and see what it really symbolizes.

His résumé of crimes stretches back to atrocities committed in Lebanon on behalf of the Palestinians in the 1970s, the murder of American marines in Beirut, and then all the way to the last decade, during which he may have aided the Sept. 11 conspirators and helped plot the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers that launched the 2006 Second Lebanon War. But just as important is the fact that his connections with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Fatah Party of Yasser Arafat show how easily terrorists and their backers slide between the various Islamic and Arab camps.

While there's no doubt that he will be replaced, Mughniyeh was the living symbol of the viability of the terrorist network that both America and Israel must continue to fight. 



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