Gail Zukerman: A School Success Story

I am forever grateful for the opportunities afforded me through my affiliation with Orleans Technical Institute. As a single parent in 1974, although I had my college degree, I had been out of the workforce for 10 years, and turned to JEVS for career counseling. Financial pressures were great, and I enrolled in the JEVS School of Business, the predecessor of Orleans Technical Institute. I was hired by the school and worked in several capacities until I became school director in 1979, the year that we moved into our Rhawn Street facility.

I left Orleans in 1985 for 10 years, and then returned after realizing that there is no other school like it. It is a special place that gives people like me, and those with incredible barriers to employment, an opportunity to find themselves and start new lives as employees, family members and contributing members of our society. Graduates of the school become tax-paying citizens and have a significant impact on the regional economy.

Gail Zukerman is JEVS Human Services' chief operating officer, Employment and Training Programs.



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