Report: Strike on Syria Targeted Iranian Arms


Israel's alleged incursion into Syrian skies last week included a strike on what was likely to have been Iranian arms transferred to the country, CNN reported on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the news network, a ground operation was also part of the overall foray.

CNN claimed that the operation, which was largely aerial but also comprised ground components, left "a great hole in the desert."

Although it did not cite a specific source, the network gave credence to "U.S. government officials." The report said that the IAF targets were likely to be weaponry delivered by Syria and intended for the use by Hezbollah.

Furthermore, the report said that the United States was pleased with the alleged sortie, which sent a "clear message" to the region.

Earlier Tuesday, a planned visit by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al Moallem to Saudi Arabia has been canceled, according to Israel Radio.

Syrian sources told the Hezbollah-owned TV station Al Manar that "a visit was never planned; therefore, its cancellation makes no sense."

Saudi Arabian-Syrian relations cooled off since the Second Lebanon War, when the Saudis condemned Hezbollah, backed by Syria, for kidnapping Israeli soldiers.


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