Life on the Sidelines? It Can Work!



It seems the aspirations of baby-boomers are changing from ones of retirement to those of entrepreneurship.

One of the most popular endeavors for those in this age bracket is that of a professional business or life coach. Boomers are apparently well-suited to this professional calling, based on their business and life experiences.

Coaching is the practice of focusing existing talents and channeling them to create true significance and empowerment to change in the lives of others.

Over the past decade, Americans age 55 to 64 have seen the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity, especially since the traditional business model and large corporations no longer provide the job security they used to.

Despite a bleak economic outlook, America is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial boom, according to a study conducted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Here are six ways to know if a career in coaching is for you:

· People usually come to you for advice, and you have a positive impact on them.

· You value personal growth and seek a career that will utilize your strengths.

· You see great potential in people, and are frustrated when they don't exercise that potential.

· You emphasize strong relationships and a balanced life with many interests, including a sense of vitality in health and career.

· You're not afraid of hard work to create more personal and financial freedom.

· You know you have a gift, and you want to share it to help yourself and others live as powerful and fulfilling a life as is possible.

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