Answer the Call!



Surveys tell us that support for Jewish philanthropies is down in the United States. The reason often given is that younger people just aren't interested in the slogans that moved their parents and grandparents.

And yet, we imagine that there are very few members of the Jewish community, of any age or income, who would admit to be unmoved by the plight of the Jewish poor among us.

Similarly, it's not likely that many would say they're indifferent to the need to support Israelis living under the threat of missile attacks from Gaza and elsewhere, or children there being raised under the poverty line.

We also don't doubt that the overwhelming majority recognize the value of our day schools and synagogue programs, and understand that we must act to lower their costs so as to make Jewish education accessible to all families, no matter their income level.

Thus, despite the widespread cynicism about institutions, there is no way of avoiding the fact that support for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia's annual campaign is an imperative for every member of the community.

Whether you're speaking of victims of terror in Israel, or elderly Jews right here in Philadelphia, Federation is there to help in a way that no other organization can. There's virtually nothing you do that could change the Jewish world for the better as much as making a gift to Federation.

It's now time for individuals, whether they are "big" donors or only able to give modestly, to answer the call.

On Jan. 27, Federation will hold its annual Super Sunday phone-a-thon. On that day, and throughout the year, it's up to each of us to put aside communal squabbles and cynicism, and face up to our responsibilities to fund the needs of the Jewish present and future. On Super Sunday, it's your turn to make a difference. 



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