Lies About Settlers Hurt Israel, Not Just the Right



Last month, the Palestinians and their anti-Zionist Israeli and international partners finally produced a smoking gun. They had a videotape of evil settlers brutally attacking poor, defenseless Palestinians as they innocently picked olives with their enlightened supporters in a grove by the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron.

The Israeli media went into a feeding frenzy. The footage led the television news broadcasts. Photos taken from the video were plastered across the front pages of newspapers. Radio talk-show hosts denounced the criminal settlers and celebrated the guileless Palestinians and their heroic Israeli supporters.

In the weeks that have followed, and with elections looming, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have stepped up their attacks on the evil right-wing extremists.

If it were true that settlers are marauding around Judea and Samaria beating innocent Palestinians, perhaps it would be possible to understand this assault against the right. But as it works out, the videotape that was supposed to be the definitive proof that settlers are violent criminals was a fabrication.

It was simply the latest anti-Israel snuff film brought to us by our friends at "Pallywood Productions." These are the same creative filmmakers whose previous credits include the fabricated Israel Defense Force shooting of Muhammad al-Dura, the Jenin massacre that wasn't, the Kafr Kana massacre that wasn't, and a host of other notable blood libels.

The inconvenient truth that these activists remain liars was exposed at the remand hearings of the settlers accused of beating the Palestinian olive harvesters.

As the NFC news Web site reported, the Palestinians showed their film as evidence against the arrested offenders in two separate hearings before two different judges at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court. And, at each hearing, after viewing the film, the judges concluded that through heavy editing, the video had inverted reality. Both stated that it was impossible to know who began the fight — the Palestinians, and their Israeli and foreign supporters who beat the settlers, or the settlers who walked to the grove on Shabbat carrying nothing but their prayer shawls and hit them back.

The judges expressed anger and amazement at the police for failing to arrest a Palestinian who had clearly attacked the Jewish defendant without provocation.

It goes without saying that the media have chosen to ignore the court's exposure of the latest hoax. The truth doesn't fit their anti-right-wing narrative.

What the media and politicians, such as Barak and Livni, who seek to criminalize the right for political gain, refuse to acknowledge is that their embrace of these lies not only harms the settlers, it harms the country as a whole.

Though the media makes it seem like right-wing extremists are both numerous and powerful, the fact of the matter is that the number of right-wingers who reject the authority of the state or would take the law into their own hands is tiny. And they are politically isolated, both at home and abroad, and have no money.

In stark contrast, the anti-Zionist, Israeli left is an integral part of a well-funded international movement actively engaged in waging political warfare, not against the settlers, but against Israel as a whole. The end of this political war is Israel's destruction.

The clear collusion between both Israeli and international anti-Israel leftist activists with terrorist groups like Hamas is nowhere more evident than in the International Solidarity Movement's newest spin-off, the Free Gaza campaign. It recently broke the IDF's sea blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gazan coast by sailing a ship filled with rabidly pro-jihadist and anti-Israel European politicians from Cyprus to Gaza.

The Free Gaza campaign works with Israeli far-left groups that are generously funded by the U.S.-based New Israel Fund, European governments and anti-Israel church groups, like the Quakers.

But while the Israeli left sees a distinction between its right-wing opponents and the country as a whole, the international community sees no distinction between the two.

By refusing to recognize the international consequences of their domestic battle against their political opponents on the right, the Olmert-Livni-Barak government and the local media have strengthened Israel's enemies in their battle to destroy the country.

Caroline Glick is a Jerusalem-based columnist.


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