Parti​cipation Imperative



Many Americans view the coming of Election Day next week with more relief than anticipation. The barrage of campaign invective from both major parties has invaded virtually every corner of our lives. The end of this political marathon will, if nothing else, give us all a breather from the deluge of partisan argument.

But no matter how sick and tired you may be of hearing from the candidates, their supporters and their critics, no one should forget that the ritual of voting means a lot more than an opportunity to hit the mute button on the politicians.

Complain if you like about the government, the president, the Congress and the parties. But Election Eay is the moment when you have the chance to make your voice heard and to hold our leaders accountable. Democracy is not a spectator sport. No matter who wins the final tally on Tuesday night, the important thing is to participate. Get out there and vote!



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