Letters week of Nov. 6, 2008



The Political Campaignof Fear Must Be Derailed

After seeing the Republican Jewish Coalition ads and looking at its Web site, I have changed my registration from Republican to Democratic.

Jews have been the victims of lies, distortions, and vehement, deadly hatred. For a Jewish organization to contribute to any kind of fear-mongering and to the sordid smearing of a decent human being is both shameful and embarrassing. The purpose of this coalition's campaign is to divide us.

By standing with McCain and Palin, the RJC is endorsing ignorance over enlightenment; opportunism over achievement; and greed over tikkun olam. The organization is endorsing the Christian Right's ever-growing control over our country. The RJC mocks our proud heritage of seeking education and excellence.

How can any of these tactics come from my own people? How can any Jewish paper accept these ads? If anything, we who have suffered from vicious discrimination are obligated to assail such inexcusable acts.

Don't let any of us exercise a vote that gives the slightest honor to deceit.
Marilyn Bricklin Lebovitz

Granny and Pops Can Think for Themselves!

This letter is in response to the "Great Schlep" (People & Politics: " 'Great Schlep' Seeks Out Bubby-and-Zayda Votes," Oct. 16).

I am a 65-year-old, college-educated woman who reads and thinks for herself. I am infuriated that these college kids think that we more mature individuals are missing some brain cells because of our age — and because some of us choose to vote for someone else.

I am voting for John McCain for many reasons, none based on all the garbage that is being slung around. I have put much thought into my decision, and I've decided he's the right candidate for America and Israel.

That is my personal choice. Vote for whom you want. We of this generation have something that 19-year-olds don't have — life experience.

These young ones may be intelligent, but they're still naive when it comes to life and the world in general. They presume to know everything. But guess what: Granny and Pops can think for themselves!
Nancy Zucker

This Time Around, Let's Try to Sing in Harmony

The political rhetoric within the Jewish community is too hot, too shrill and, quite frankly, unbecoming to the community as a whole. As Jews, we all hold dear that America was founded on the bedrock principle of religious pluralism, a principle that protects our rights as a religious minority to worship freely.

We all value tikkun olam, the need and obligation to help others less fortunate. And, we all value the democratic freedoms that this country offers. It is our obligation as a Jews to use these democratic values wisely, to exercise our free speech carefully without rancor, accusation and innuendos.

As a community, we may sing in different keys, but we must begin again to sing from the same songbook. Let's find the ties that bind rather than those that divide us. The harmony will be beautiful.
Robert D. Fox

Arabs Riot, and It's Time to Blame Jews, Yet Again

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency's report on the Akko riots proves that, once again, the Arabs are being given a free pass to commit violence against Jews (Cover story: "Rioting in Akko Reveals Arab-Israeli Tinderbox," Oct. 23).

First, the Orr Commission is quoted as saying they support the Palestinian Arabs because they have been discriminated against and that the State of Israel doesn't spend enough money on their communities.

Tel Aviv University's Elie Rekhess is quoted as saying unless the Israeli government finds a way to give Israeli Arabs a sense of shared citizenship, they will explode.

So, I guess that means they can explode and attack Jews, and it won't be their fault? The blame is always put on the Jews no matter what happens. Arab sensibilities are always being offended by Jewish actions, no matter what is done.

Fully partaking in citizenship includes serving in the military. Until the Israeli Arabs prove, by word and deed, that they are 100 percent supportive of their country — the State of Israel — they should not expect to be treated as if they were.

If living in a Jewish nation offends them, there are lots of Arab countries nearby where I'm certain they could live happily ever after.
Ron Kall

Democrats as Passionate About Israel as the GOP

I was glad to read Jonathan Tobin's acknowledgment that Jews who vote for Barack Obama care about Israel as much as those voting for John McCain (A Matter of Opinion: "Don't Misinterpret the Jewish Vote," Oct. 23).

The Republican effort to politicize the issue of support for Israel has the potential to damage the relationship between Americans and the Jewish state. The idea that only conservatives and Republicans truly value Israel is absurd.

Anyone on the far left who seeks to use the overwhelming Jewish vote for the Democrats and Obama as evidence that we are abandoning Zionism or want an Obama administration to pressure Israel is bound to be disappointed.
David Schwartz

He Worries Over Israel's Survival, Not Obama's

Jonathan Tobin's assertion that Jews who vote for Obama care as much about Israel as the Republicans fails to pass the test (A Matter of Opinion: "Don't Misinterpret the Jewish Vote," Oct. 23).

In every election, there are many issues. I believe that Jews who feel that abortion is more important than the survival of Israel are misguided.

Tobin ends his piece by saying that, if Obama should break his word on Israel, we can withhold our support in his bid for a second term. The fact is, with the Iranian regime threatening to murder another six million Jews, we cannot take a chance on Obama.

I am not worried about Obama's second term. I am worried about Israel's survival.
Jerry Cantor


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