Going Online When All’s Going Under


The belt-tightening in corporate America is likely to continue in response to the nation's economic woes, magnified earlier this week with its response to an Asian economy meltdown.

But, in a slower economy, it's more important than ever for business professionals to sharpen their competitive edge through ongoing training.

Looking for a cost-effective way to continue to improve your company's performance or to continue your own professional development, you may find yourself turning to the Internet for help, as many large companies do.

Videos have long been a training tool of choice for both human resources departments and individuals looking to improve their skills. In fact, more than 75 percent of large American companies currently use video-based materials to improve employee performance.

Smaller companies and individuals, however, haven't always been able to afford business videos, which can often cost hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Just as the Internet revolutionized the way Americans view video entertainment, the technology is transforming how businesspeople use and access training videos. Businesses and individuals who once had to pay steep prices for videos — or hunt for cheaper alternatives across hundreds of different sites — are now turning to a central location for training and business videos.

Biz Vision may be a starting point. Launched earlier this month, the site carries thousands of titles organized in 90 categories, including career development, communications, customer relations, health and wellness, management, personal development, sales and software.

Changing Times
This is just another example of how the Internet is changing the way people — and businesses — do business in an atmosphere where the unexpected has become the expected.

Before they buy, site users can even preview videos, all of which are provided in cooperation with the original producers of the content.

The pay-per-view model also allows users to purchase a group showing of any video so that department managers and small- business owners can actually train groups of employees at the same time with a single purchase.

This approach adds to the value of getting more done in a shorter time frame, much sought after in today's increasingly gloomy economic times.

For information, visit: www.BizVision.com.


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