Letters week of Oct. 8,2008



Winning Election's More Important Than Iran

Your editorial, "Partisanship Run Amok," which appeared in the Sept. 25 issue, fails to understand the mistake made by the organizers of the Iran protest rally in New York City. They were either being disingenuous or they really believe that Iran is a more important issue than winning the election.

Nothing is more important than winning the election at this point in the campaign. If the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations was serious about bipartisan representation at the rally, then Barrack Obama and John McCain or Joe Biden and Sarah Palin would have been there.

This entire episode seemed more like a political stunt about Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin sharing the same stage.

In the end, politics trumped a serious issue for Israel and the Jewish community, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaves New York unscathed.
Mark Wasserman
Fort Washington

Attacks on Palin Make Her a Hero to Millions

Democrats who forced Sarah Palin to be disinvited from the Iran demonstration in New York only hurt themselves (Cover Story: "Politics Runs Roughshod Over Iran Protests," Sept. 25).

Their action changed Gov. Palin's schedule so she could appear at a rally in Delaware County in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

At the New York rally, she would have been one of many pandering celebrities. In Pennsylvania, she was the star, firing up the McCain campaign.

The personal attacks on Palin make her a bigger hero to millions of Americans.
Aaron Finestone

Palin Opposes Abortion Even in Cases of Rape

Letter writer Robert A. Wachter is wrong about Sarah Palin's abortion stand (Letters: "Don't Believe the Left's Disinformation on Palin," Sept. 25). She has stated repeatedly that she is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest.

She would only permit it in instances where the mother's life is in danger.

And while she did not ban books, she questioned the town's librarian about how to get books banned. She also does not believe there is any scientific evidence for evolution.
Jill Zipin

Women Do Support Each Other — But Not Palin!

Jacqueline Shulman's comment about women not rallying around one another is ludicrous (Letters: "Jewish Working Mom and Wife Likes Palin," Sept. 25).

Women, especially over the past 20 years, have always gone out of their ways to support one another. But when it comes to supporting both women (and men) who have absolutely no clue regarding the real issues facing our country today — that's something different. Sarah Palin must be ranked as one of those people and she should receive no support whatsoever.

We've already had eight years of an administration that cares about nothing except its own selfishness. The selection of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential nominee — someone who would be a heartbeat away from being president — is a gamble far too risky to take.
Richard Cohen
Plymouth Meeting

Palin's Nomination a Case of GOP Affirmative Action

I read with interest the various letters to the editor that have recently appeared in the Jewish Exponent regarding the candidacy of Sarah Palin.

Whether or not she works outside the home, is a hockey mom or believes in creationism is not really the issue to most voters.

What is important is that she is very obviously not the most qualified and capable individual whom John McCain could have chosen as his running mate.

Instead, she was picked as the token woman to represent a party that has traditionally been underrepresented by women and minorities.

The issue is not whether she should be elected. The question is, why would a party, traditionally opposed to the concept of affirmative action, appoint someone whose only qualification for the job is gender?
Stuart Fredd
Upper Dublin

Abortion Concerns Shouldn't Trump Israel

I believe the Democrats' fear of Sarah Palin encroaching on their liberal way of life comes from their lack of knowledge about the Republican Party.

Democrats have a long tradition of legislating their personal beliefs from the bench while Republicans, as federalists, believe the Supreme Court should strictly interpret the Constitution.

Republicans have much more to worry about from Obama and Biden, who will use the bench to further much of their personal left-wing agenda.

Sarah Palin's religious belief system is just that. It belongs to her. She will never seek to use the Supreme Court to impose it on anyone.

In a world facing the terrors unleashed by Islamic fascism, personal choice issues should not be the highest priority. The McCain/Palin administration will have Israel and national security as priorities, and not impose personal agendas. It is a sad commentary when abortion rights trump the survival of Israel.

Republicans have historically been much better friends to Israel than Democrats, and it's not because they owe Jews in this country any debt of gratitude. They do it because it is morally just. I pray that Jews re-evaluate their priorities and vote with courage in this election.
Judy L Davidson
Downingtown The writer is the co-chair of Sen. John McCain's Jewish Advisory Coalition


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