Partis​anship Run Amok



It is hard to view the outcome of the planning for this week's rally at the United Nations to protest the presence of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with anything but dismay.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, along with other prominent groups, sought to show with Monday's rally that Americans are united against Iran and its genocidal nuclear intentions. But when invitations to both major parties brought in acceptances from Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, all hell broke lose.

Clinton refused to appear with Palin. Then, after the Democrats didn't produce a suitably starry alternative, they argued that Palin's presence rendered the rally a partisan event. They demanded and, amazingly, got the Conference to "disinvite" Palin and all other politicians leaving everyone dissatisfied with this fiasco.

The purpose of such rallies is to get as many prominent leaders on the platform as possible to demonstrate support for the issue. Though many, if not most, Jews disagree with Palin on important issues and will not vote for her ticket, Jewry's leaders were foolish to undermine their own event in such a feckless fashion.

No matter which party you're voting for, there are some things that are more important than the battle this fall between Republicans and Democrats. The sponsors of this rally should have remembered that opposition to Iran was one such issue.


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