Mo​re Than Just a Date



With each passing September, does the meaning of 9/11 diminish for Americans? That's the question many of us may be asking as the seventh anniversary of that terrible day is noted.

In the intervening years, the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have numbed many of us to the reality of the terrorist threat, while others have simply preferred to turn the page and pretend that it had no long-term consequences.

Sadly, Al Qaeda is still alive and well with safe havens in Pakistan. Elsewhere in the region, many fail to connect the thread of terrorism back to its state sponsors, such as Iran, whose drive for nuclear weapons threatens not just Israel, but America as well.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the nation seemed to finally wake from its long slumber and understand that what we faced was a long war against Islamist terrorism. Unfortunately, that understanding seems to be fading.

Like it or not, the misnamed "war on terror" is not just a slogan. It is part of the reality of the modern world in which we live. As we mark this sad anniversary, it is time once again to focus on this threat and to demand that our leaders act accordingly. 



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