Letters week of June 4, 2009

When Did Abortion Become a Jewish Right?

My knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures and Talmud must be far worse than I imagined. I cannot come up with anything anywhere to support your editorial claim that legalized abortion is a "cherished" Jewish freedom ("Yea or Nay for Nominee?" May 28).

Howard R. Lurie
King of Prussia

Praise of Court Candidate May Show a Certain Bias

I find it amazing that the Jewish Exponent was so ready to sing the praises of the new candidate for Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

It was even more amazing that you would not only editorialize positively about her in the May 28 issue, but would also laud her in what's claimed to be the news section.

In your haste to give Sotomayor "rock-star status," you sadly ignored the many racist and divisive statements that she has made and published.

You forgot to mention her membership in La Razza ("The Race"), an anti-white and anti-American pressure group. You failed to mention her decision imposing reverse discrimination upon white firefighters in Connecticut. You also forgot to mention her written opinion stating that denying voting rights to convicted and incarcerated felons was a form of racial discrimination.

In the future, perhaps, the paper could try to conduct itself in line with its mission statement, and so represent all segments of the Jewish community, and not just the secular-progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

Howard Hyman
Jamison, Pa.

Kasztner's Fate Different From What Article Said

I very much enjoyed your article about my classmate Manny Mandel in the Jewish Exponent (City & Suburb: "Survivor in Their Midst, and Not a Soul Knew," May 28).

However, one item was inaccurate. Kasztner was not prosecuted by the Israeli government for collaboration. He was accused of treason in an article by Malachiel Gruenwald, an amateur writer and stamp collector. On Kasztner's behalf, the Israeli government sued Gruenwald for libel, but the ruling came down against Kasztner.

I believe that the trial took more than two years. The ruling was later overturned. But before that happened, Kasztner was assassinated.

Still, there was never a criminal prosecution against him.

Lester H. Wurtele, M.D.

Documentary Shows That Jewish Left Had It Right

Being a product of the co-op apartments known affectionately as the COOPS, it was exciting to watch the PBS broadcast of "At Home in Utopia" (TV Turn-Ons: "Rooms With a Viewpoint," April 30).

The leftist Jews from the COOPS rejected religion, but in reality, they were practicing tikkun olam, making the world a better place. They fought for social justice and civil rights.

Life was beautiful until fascism reared its ugly head.

And today, we have a new world enemy — Islamofascism.

Back in the 1940s, during May Day parades, signs were carried reading "Lift the embargo to Israel (Palestine)."

The United States at the time refused to support the fledgling State of Israel with arms, while the invading Arabs were already fully armed.

But these days, who does Amnesty International name as the greatest human-rights abuser in the world?

Not Iran, Syria nor Saudi Arabia, where people are stoned to death, where they're hanged in the town square and beheaded for the world to see.

Instead, they name Israel, the only Mideast democracy.

The old Jewish left had it right. They didn't know it, but they invoked tikkun olam. Today, leftist Jews claim the same thing; in reality, they are supporting our enemies.

Sondra Rendelman


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