Les Maccabeats Tell Story of Miserable Existence in Egypt


The all-male a cappella group is back, this time with a Les Miserables take on Passover. 

You only need to hear a few seconds of "Look Down" from the Maccabeats' Les Miserables medley themed around Passover to decide that these guys sing better than Russell Crowe.

The all-male a cappella group started creating their brand of hip Jewish music after forming at Yeshiva University in 2007. The group has since gained minor fame, which included being invited to the White House by President Barack Obama.

In a news release accompanying a music video for their new medley, the group stated that they had been hearing requests for a Passover song for some time and had wanted to record one themselves.

"We've wanted to produce a Pesach video, but only if we could get it right," the release states. "If we could put together a project that properly portrayed the excitement and grandeur of the Festival of Freedom."

The group found a fit in the classic musical Les Miserables, which was adapted into a film released late last year.

"We found its now-famous melodies and lyrics to be a wholly appropriate avenue for creatively retelling the story of the children of Israel's journey from slavery in Egypt to nationhood under God," the group stated.




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