Mikveh’​s Suddenly Out of Hot Water


After recently spending $10,000 for renovations and upkeep, supporters of the Joseph and Martha Melohn Bucks County Mikvah in Bensalem thought they were in the clear for a time.

But a recent notification from the local water department left members of the mikvah — as well as the synagogue with which its affiliated — feeling like they'd been sunk in hot water yet again. Aqua Pennsylvania told them last week that it needed to install an emergency back-flow valve — to the tune of $800.

The same valve would also need to be attached to the caretaker's apartment above the mikvah and the adjacent synagogue Kehilas B'nai Shalom –at $800 each — according to Rabbi Moshe Travitsky.

While $2,400 might not sound like much, Travitsky said that he had no idea how he would pay the bill.

"We don't have a big donor base; we don't really charge membership here. We are trying to help people discover Judaism," said the rabbi.

A member decided to send out an e-mail asking for help. Within 24 hours, they had all the needed funds.

"It was amazing," said Travitsky. "It was so beautiful."



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