Mission Highlight: Meeting With Justice Ruth Bader Gin​sburg


"Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably the most powerful and inspirational Jewish woman advocate of our generation," said Shira Goodman, co-chair of the advocacy mission, explaining why a private meeting with the Supreme Court justice matched the mission's focus on advocacy.

The meeting took place in the majestic West Conference Room of the Supreme Court, just steps away from the court chamber.

As the great doors opened, 55 women on the mission rose in silence as Ginsburg entered the room. She set the tone of the meeting with a warm smile and an invitation to ask questions on any topic.

Ginsburg gave a brief history of the Supreme Court building, as well as described her professional background before replying to various inquiries. She responded to questions about her experience as one of nine women in her Harvard law class of 500 men; and about being the second woman and first Jewish woman Supreme Court justice.

Women of Vision members and sisters Phyllis Magerman and Sandra Katz echoed many participants in saying that Ginsburg is one of their heroines.

Julie Savitch, a Women's Philanthropy donor, had more personal connections. When she was a teenager, Ginsburg was Savitch's aunt's camp counselor at Camp Che-na-wah in New York. Savitch said that she was thrilled to meet Ginsburg, and give her a camp photo. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg has always been my role model," noted Savitch.

Goodman and Women of Vision president Reneé Sackey presented Ginsburg with the first "Woman of Vision" award in recognition of her lasting impact on social justice for all.



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