Letters Week of August 26, 2010



Unhappy With Placement of Story 'Ad' on Cover

I am exceedingly disappointed with the Jewish Exponent's decision to run what amounts to an advertisement for an article about a gay couple on the top of last week's front page (City & Suburb: "Israeli Gay Couple's 'Twin Delight,' " Aug. 12).

I am shocked and saddened that this is an affirmative article published by the voice of the Jewish community. Where in the Talmud does it say that being gay is an acceptable lifestyle, or that hiring a surrogate for a homosexual couple to become parents is a joy to God's heart?

This couple says they're passing on their Jewish traditions to these precious infants, but I beg to differ. Their traditions are not part of anything that the tribe of Judah would have recognized, but maybe the Hittites, Perizzites, Ammonites, Hivites, Canaanites and Jebusites would have thought they were perfectly fine.

Is this how we honor God and Israel in 2010? When will we learn from our ancestors that the culture around us has nothing to offer and seeks to destroy the heritage that our ancestors have preserved with their very lives for thousands of years?
Lisa Plummer


Jews in Arab Lands: Definitely Not a Good Idea

In the article, "Students Explore Mideast, With Arabic on Their Minds" (City & Suburb, Aug. 12), one young man said that the number of American Jews studying in such places is "pretty significant at this point, and I think the number of problems is pretty low. So I think that, more than any of my personal experiences, may change people's minds."

Wrong conclusion! No one knew you were Jewish because you hid it, as you explained in the article. There is nothing in your experience to show anything as long as a Jew has to hide his identity while in an Arab country.

In fact, this alone is very significant. It is exceedingly dangerous to be a Jew in any Arab country. This is why today most Arab lands are empty of Jews. Many of them were refugees with just their shirts on their back when they escaped Arab lands with their lives. They now are citizens of Israel.

In reality, more Jews than Arabs became refugees after 1948. Israel absorbed all the Jewish refugees who reached Israel, while the Arab "refugees" have remained in political limbo. The Arab states refuse to grant them citizenship. It is unconscionable!
Albert Reingewirtz


Sestak: He's a Staunch Supporter of Israel

Joe Sestak has been criticized for supporting Israel. Most of this has been unfounded, and has arisen out of two main issues — his speaking to the Council on American Islamic Relations and his letter to President Barack Obama, along with other congressional representatives, asking that the president pressure Israel to ease the blockade of Gaza on purely humanitarian grounds.

With regard to CAIR, one must look at the timing of his appearance. At that time, the FBI had not disengaged from CAIR. President Bush had a policy that we did not talk with those who disagreed with us. Many Democrats, including Congressman Sestak, thought this was wrong.

Hence, he spoke with CAIR, during which time, however, he openly criticized their failures to condemn the terrorist groups of Hezbollah and Hamas. It took courage to say this to their faces, but he felt this was a more effective way to deal with them, rather than ignore them.

As to easing the blockade, Israel has belatedly seen the wisdom of doing this. Had they listened to Joe Sestak, perhaps the flotilla incident would not have occurred.

For me, if a candidate does not strongly support Israel, then they simply do not get my vote. I have been supporting Joe Sestak for more than five years. I have personally discussed with him myriad issues involving Israel.

After these discussions, and also having seen what he has done, I find him to be a staunch supporter of Israel.
Robert M. Schwartz



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