Letters week of June 17, 2010



Toomey and Israel Want the Same Exact Thing

I would like to comment on Bryan Schwartzman's June 10 article in the City & Suburb section titled "Flotilla Fallout: Will It Matter on Election Day?" He contrasted the pro- Israel records of Senate candidates Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak, and referred to the claim, made by Sestak's supporters, that Toomey's position — U.S. financial support to Israel should be in the nature of military assistance, rather than economic aid — countered Toomey's "claim to the pro- Israel mantle."

Toomey did say on June 2 that, because of Israel's economic success in the 1990s and this decade (as highlighted in the book Start-Up Nation), Israel no longer needs American economic assistance.

But the fact of the matter is that, as noted on AIPAC's Web site, Toomey and Israel want the same thing.

One-hundred percent of American "aid" to Israel is security-related, rather than economic aid.

Of course, more than 75 percent of U.S. military aid to Israel is spent here in America (since it's stipulated that Israel must purchase U.S. armaments), thereby making the funding both a critical investment in regional stability, as well as our own national security. In addition, it's a direct investment in our economy and helps create jobs here, too.

As I told Mr. Schwartzman when he interviewed me for the article — and here I'm paraphrasing Mark Twain — it ain't what Sestak's supporters don't know that's a problem, but what they know for sure that just ain't so.

William Wanger

Here's One Way to Save Money on Social Problems

Letter-writer Ron Kall in the June 3 edition of the paper discussed his opposition to illegal immigration by postulating that there are 1,000 crimes for every 100,000 people in the country — and therefore, 6,000,000 illegals will mean that 60,000 more crimes will be visited upon us.

He overlooks that those 60,000 crimes will most likely fall not upon us, but upon the 6,000,000.

But let's go just a little further with his arithmetic.

If we get 300,000,000 people out of this country, there will be nobody left and the country will be crime-free! Think how much the none of us left here could save on prison construction.

David Perelman
Lafayette Hill

A Special Day Made Possible by Special People

Several weeks ago, the Jewish Exponent printed a letter with regard to our grandson, Dylan Matthew Singer, and the importance of the continuing Jewish education for the special-needs child.

On Sunday, June 13 — surrounded and supported by family, friends, medical personnel and teachers — our Dylan became a Bar Mitzvah at Old York Road Temple-Beth Am in Abington.

What made this day so special?

Dylan has familial dysautonomia, a Jewish genetic disease. He cannot speak, and all food and various medicines must be administered to him through a tube.

So how was he able to enter Jewish manhood?

He did so with the help of Rabbi Lawrence Sernovitz, Rabbi Robert Leib, the synagogue educators and a communication device, and thereby accomplished a goal that for many Jewish boys and girls is a given.

Of course, his parents and the nurses who take care of his physical needs on a daily basis also made Dylan capable of reaching this day.

As an aside, if you or a loved one is between the ages of 18-45, it is important to get tested for the entire Jewish genetic profile. It's a matter of a simple blood test.

Gloria and Marvin Gelman


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