Letters Week of Aug. 17, 2011


Readers extoll the effects dreamers have on the world and also tout the benefits of being a "Ramah-nik."

Letter Writer Dismissed Very Need for Dreamers

The Aug. 11 edition carried a letter by Albert Reingewirtz presenting the traditional view of those who want to hold on to every inch of Jewish territory in Israel. (Letters: "If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is," Aug. 11) He writes in essence: We shed blood over it; the Arabs are unreasonable; and there is a long history of Muslim-on-Jewish bloodshed.

This followed from his opening that "Sari Nusseibeh is a moderate." As the sponsor and one of those who convened the Sari Nusseibeh appearance at Jewish Federation, I must respond that Reingewirtz's reiteration of the traditional right- wing point of view does little toward reaching a just and lasting solution.

While I agree that Dr. Nusseibeh is indeed a dreamer, we need people like that on all sides who are dreaming, at least in the right direction.

Let us try to encourage those who would dream of peaceful coexistence, of a Jewish state and a Palestinian one. Let us encourage movement on both sides toward finding a peaceful, just and rational solution.

Enough of the stereotypes and historical, hysterical references. Peace is the greatest of all blessings and the blessing of Israel without peace is not a full blessing at all.

Thank you, Federation and its CEO, Ira Schwartz, and all those who made the outstanding appearance of Sari Nusseibeh possible. Hope lives on.

Rabbi Gary Charlestein 


Murdoch Scandal Coverage Misses Boat

On July 21, the lead article focused on the Murdoch news empire and support of Israel (Cover: "Will Murdoch Scandal Mute Support for Israel?") We've been puzzling over this ever since.

Murdoch's organization is being pursued not for how it represents Israel but for what seems to be criminal behavior of hacking private phones and other electronic equipment. There is nothing indicating that the so-called "pro-Israel" stance of his media is involved.

It seems to us that the writer of the JTA story, and by extension, the Jewish Exponent, believes that being "pro-Israel" means supporting current Israeli policies, which many in the Jewish and non-Jewish world strongly question.

Are you suggesting that in order to be pro-Israel one must support actions and policies that one believes are in essence anti-Israel and lead to anti-Semitism?

As strong supporters with close connections, personal and emotional, to Israel, we reject those assumptions and believe them to be very dangerous for Israel and world Jewry.

The current unrest in Israel indicates a society with many internal problems, much dissent and strong democratic values.

That's the Israel we support, a country that has a commitment to social justice for all its inhabitants and peace.

Rupert Murdoch does not represent those values in the media he controls.

There are plenty of pro-Israel people with many opinions about what the country's policies and actions should be.

Drs. Paul G. & Ana M. Shane 


She's in the Camp That Enjoys Jewish Experience

As a Ramah-nik, I appreciate the series on Jewish summer camps. (Cover Stories: "Nature & Nurture, Aug. 4, 11 and 18) As a Harlam-ite, so did my husband. Our oldest son, a "Pinemere-ian," adores his choice of camp.

And our youngest, a camper at the Ramah Day Camp, surely feels the same way.

Suffice it to say it doesn't matter which Jewish camp you choose, just choose the one right for you.

You'll live and love and laugh Jewishly and your life will be enriched forever.

Debbie Albert 



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