Letters Week of Feb. 2, 2013


Readers comment on such issues as demonizing the Orthodox, where guns are really going and the Phillies' most recent hire.

Letter Condemns Whole Part of the Community
I was deeply disappointed to see a letter published in the Jewish Exponent taking Orthodox Jews in Israel to task for not “doing their fair share” and insisting that they “must participate in serving their country” (“The Orthodox in Israel Must Do Their Fair Share,” Jan. 31).
Obviously, it is the decision of the citizens of the State of Israel — not of those of us in America — as to who, when and how its citizens must serve. But even more concerning is the writer’s sweeping condemnation of part of the Jewish community.
The Orthodox community in Israel is quite diverse. A great many Orthodox Jews have served with distinction in the Israeli Defense Forces and many have died for the State of Israel. This includes a great many soldiers who prior to or during their time in the IDF learned Torah in yeshivot.
A great many Orthodox Jews have served Israel in all manner of National Service areas. And the upcoming Israeli Knesset has more Orthodox Jews serving the country than ever before.
Rabbi Shmuel Jablon | Menahel (Principal)
Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia
What About the Weapons Going to Middle East?
Your coverage of the gun control controversy in two cover stories in the Jan 31 issue implies that the Obama administration intends to ban “assault weapons” (defined as any guns politicians do not want citizens to possess). But in “Operation Fast and Furious,” many such weapons were sold by this administration to Mexican drug cartels, leading to the murders of over 300 Mexicans.
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is about to receive (gratis) a large shipment of F-16 fighter bombers and Abrams tanks, any of which has far more firepower than can be found in any gun shop. Likewise, the Lebanese army, dominated by Hezbollah, is about to receive a large shipment of armored personnel carriers.
The quantity of weaponry shipped by this administration to Islamic fanatics in Libya and Syria is unknown, but is undoubtedly substantial. It appears that the loathing and contempt demonstrated by President Obama for the bitter clingers to guns and religion applies only to law-abiding American Christians and Jews, who are to be totally disarmed, but not to genocidal jihadis, who are to be armed to the teeth.
Nahum J. Duker
Melrose Park
This Has Nothing to Do With ‘Due Diligence’
I have read everything about the signing and “due diligence” by the Phillies, their communication with some Jewish leaders in Detroit and Philadelphia and the fact that Rubén Amaro is partly Jewish and has a Jewish girlfriend. And I still strongly object to their signing of Delmon Young (“On Penance and Pennants: New Phillie Homes in On Bias Rap,” Jan. 31).
Would Mr. Amaro have signed a player who uttered anti-black, anti-Hispanic or anti-white slurs and then attacked someone from that group. I doubt it very much, but it is OK to sign a player who uttered anti-Semitic slurs and attacked someone.
The Phillies players or the fan base would not tolerate it. Being drunk is not an excuse. It just shows the individual’s true feelings. Although I agree with second chances, Mr. Young has had more than his share. This is a classless signing, an insult to the Jewish fan base and shows that the general manager is desperate.
Jerry Polakoff


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