Letters Week of Dec. 21, 2011


An ad for a Friends school misled and puzzled a good number of readers.


Ad Was Misleading and Very Puzzling
As principals and presidents, we represent the variety of Jewish day schools in our community.
Though we are not all alike, we are unified in our belief that Jewish day schools represent the best educational environment for most Jewish children. And we have a number of wonderful options in our community.
While we are conscious of the journalistic integrity of the Jewish Exponent, we are concerned that it accepted an advertisement from a Quaker school which used Jewish images to create the impression that one can get a Jewish values-based education under the sponsorship of another religion.
We struggle to understand why the Jewish Exponent did not recognize the highly misleading nature of this advertisement.
We invite all Jewish parents to contact any one of our fine Jewish day schools to learn how we help Jewish children grow to be proud, educated Jews who are able to succeed in the modern world at the highest levels. A Jewish day school education is the best Chanukah present you can give your child!
Rabbi Ira Budow
Jerome Marcus
Abrams Hebrew Academy
Sharon Levin
Ariele Klausner
Barrack Hebrew Academy
Rabbi Moshe Schwartz
Judi London
Kellman Brown Academy
Rabbi Elchanon Weinbach
Les Spero
Kohelet Yeshiva High School
Jay Leberman
Elliot Norry
Perelman Jewish Day School
Rabbi Avraham Glustein
Jeff Klein
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill
Bessie Katz
Moshe Vegh
Politz Hebrew Academy
Rabbi Shmuel Jablon
Amir Goldman
Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia
Ad Demonstrates Lack of Understanding
Last week, the Jewish Exponent ran an advertisement from the Abington Friends School, captioned "Education for a CHANGING WORLD" that showed a lovely young blond-haired, blue-eyed boy holding a Sefer Torah, with a picture of an older, bearded man in the foreground, wearing an embroidered kipah, looking as if he were singing something meaningful.
We, and a good number of other Jews we know who saw the advertisement, were dumbfounded: How can a Jewish newspaper run something which suggests that Torah is being taught at a Quaker school? Quakers are Christians. Or doesn't that matter?
We understand that, having been informed that some members of the Jewish community were quite outraged by the advertisement, the Jewish Publishing Group, at its regular meeting, concluded that there was nothing wrong with our city's Jewish newspaper running an advertisement for a Christian school suggesting that Torah is being taught there.
Doesn't the Jewish Publishing Group understand that a priority of the Jewish Federation is to support Jewish education?
The Jewish community can be divided about many things and still all be Jewish, but one thing we hope we can all agree on is that institutions aren't Jewish if they're Christian.
A Quaker school is a Christian school, and they don't teach Torah at Quaker schools — at least they don't teach it as THE Torah.
If the Jewish Exponent thinks it's appropriate to allow ads for Christian schools suggesting the teaching of Torah, we think it's time for the paper to have a new name to show how inclusive it is.
It can just be called the Exponent. Nothing meaningful will have been deleted.
Jerome Marcus
Gary Erlbaum
Lower Merion Township


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