Letters Week of Aug. 3, 2011


More on the U.S.-Israel relationship and whether the United States should pull out of the U.N. and expose its many hypocrisies.


U.S. Should Leave the U.N. and Expose Its Hypocrisies

The Jewish Exponent is to be lauded for its July 14 editorial titled "No Hope for U.N." Although the piece dealt cogently with the malice that the United Nations manifests toward Israel, the U.N.'s manifold faults are not just limited to one country.

A perusal of history proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.N. is an institution that is unworthy of American support. Besides failing to stop the aggression against Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973, it has also failed to stop Soviet aggression against Hungary in 1956 and against Czechoslovakia in 1967, Iraq's aggression against Kuwait in 1990, the slaughters in the Balkans in the 1990s, the ongoing massacres in Africa from the 1960s to the present, the Chinese subjugation of Tibet and the Iranian-Syrian destruction of a once-free Lebanon.

Sadly, this is an incomplete list. As the innocents die, the U.N. turns away from its stated duty and instead passes resolution upon resolution condemning Israel for defending herself.

It is time to quit the U.N. and proclaim "to friend and foe alike" that we, the United States, stand for freedom, peace and justice — and that the U.N. stands for none of these sacred values.

Louis H. Kaufman 


What's to Analyze? Just Laugh With Abandon

Why would anyone take the time to psychoanalyze the book, Go the F— to Sleep (Health & Science: "Crib Notes," July 28)? Can't we just have fun with it?

But perhaps that is what we really need to analyze — the inability to laugh and joke with total abandonment.

Susan Yefet 


Supporting Israel: It's in America's Best Interest

In his letter, "Do Not Judge President by His Israel Actions," published in the June 30 Jewish Exponent, Ralph D. Bloch says of President Barack Obama that "it's unfair to brand him anti-Jewish because he puts America's interest first, as he was elected to do."

Philosophically, we can all agree with the writer that America comes first. Logically, however, Mr. Bloch is on weak ground. Why does he seem to think that supporting Israel is contrary to America's best interests?

Israel is America's best — only? — friend in the Middle East. The Jewish state is a bulwark of democracy in an area where the majority of governments despise all America stands for. Israel has been our strong partner since its birth.

It is an easy argument to make that supporting Israel is in America's best interests.

Or does Mr. Bloch think it is in the best interest of America for us to support a president who has undercut Israel on multiple occasions since he was elected?

Robert M. Rubin 
Huntingdon Valley


Some Didn't Support Move and Will Be Inconvenienced

Bryan Schwartzman's article in the July 28 issue, "This Synagogue's Not Closing, It's Just Moving," correctly stated that Congregation Melrose Bnai Israel Emanu-El's agreement to move to Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel was approved at a membership meeting. He did not mention, however, the minority that opposes the deal and who will be inconvenienced by it.

When we moved to Melrose Park Gardens in 1972, one of the significant advantages was having a shul within walking distance. Admittedly, many members have moved since then, but we will not move and we will not ride on Sabbaths and holidays. Unless a solution is found, we will have no shul.

If anyone wants to help, contact [email protected]

Harry Cylinder 
Phyllis Cylinder


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