Letters Week of Jan. 24, 2013


There are way too many guns in our society and some in the community express relief over a middle-school nmerger.

Where Was Such a Philosophy 20 Years Ago?
In the Jan. 17 Exponent, Jewish Federation of Greater Phila­delphia CEO Ira M. Schwartz, in speaking about Jewish camps, said that the community is not replenishing itself and we have to get our children more involved in camps.
I only wish that philosophy had been around 20 years ago. May­be we could have saved the JCC Camps Arthur & Reeta which, at the time, were the oldest overnight Jewish camping experience in the Greater Philadelphia area.
David C. Friedman | Past marketing director
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Philadelphia

That’s No Way to Reduce Gun Violence
In the Jan. 17 Exponent, a letter writer suggests that having armed volunteers in our schools would keep our children “safe” from more gun violence (“Here’s How to Stop Another Gun Tragedy”).
A similar idea was previously proposed by Charles Heller in a JTA article by Chavie Lieber in the Jan. 10 paper (Headlines:
“After Newtown, Some Gun Owners Ready to Consider Control Measures”).
There are already way too many guns in this country. What kind of message are we sending to our children when we turn each school into an armed camp? Some schools want to arm the teachers and the custodians. Can you imagine having the children sitting on the floor for story time with the teacher packing a Glock?
More guns do not make us safer. Until we can ensure that criminals and the mentally ill do not have easy access to guns, we must have them under better control.
Sheryl Kalick | Philadelphia

A Sense of Relief and Hope Over Merger
After reading “Two Middle Schools to Become One” in the Dec. 27 issue of the Exponent, a sense of relief and hope was felt. Relief that they made the correct choice, and hope that this will never have to happen again. A line comes to mind from the movie Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” And so they will because I believe there is no other educational institution that offers the values, traditions and high standards of education in our area.
Susan Yefet | Wynnewood

Where Are the Leaders When You Need Them?
Once again, the so-called Jewish leaders in Congress have abandoned the Jewish people and our Holy Land of Israel. The intended Obama appointment of Sen. Chuck Hagel is of interest (Headlines: “Some Groups Softening Their Resistance to Hegel”).
Initially, Jewish Sen. Chuck Schumer claimed that he might be inclined to vote against Hagel — a longtime critic and foe of Israel, and friend of the Arabs. After a few days, however, Schumer, along with Sens. Diane Feinstein, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, once again, chose partisan politics over Judaism, Israel and Torah.
So much for our Jewish friends in Congress. I will expect nothing more from them, when the nomination of Arabist CIA Director John Brennan is made.
Howard M. Hyman | Jamison


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