Letters Week of Nov. 22, 2011


An opinion writer is criticized for being wrong on Obama and Iran and another letter writer asks if anyone really cares about Penn State football.


Opinion Writer's Wrong on Obama and Iran
Betsy Sheerr's Nov. 17 opinion piece, "Whom Can We Trust on Iran? Obama, Not His Opponents," claims that President Barack Obama "has taken the lead in mobilizing the international community to isolate Iran and apply pressure, both in the form of diplomacy and stringent economic sanctions, on Iran's regime."
If only this were true.
In fact, the Obama administration is opposing a bipartison bill, written by Sens. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and signed by more than 90 senators, calling for crippling sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran, which is accused of facilitating various forms of illicit activities.
The administration, led by Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen, has been lobbying against the Kirk amendment because members say it could do harm to the U.S. economy.
Ms. Sheerr is correct in noting that the Iranian president has repeatedly called for the destruction of the United States and Israel, but she is woefully incorrect in her assessment of Obama's "moral suasion and high standing in the world," certainly in regard to his fight against Iran.
By putting the U.S. economy before doing "everything" he can to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, he is, in fact, sending a message to the world that the U.S. economy takes precedent over stopping a rogue nation bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. How then could Obama expect countries like Russia, China and others to do otherwise?
Leonard Getz
National vice president
Zionist Organization of America
Who Really Cares About Penn State Football?
I was disturbed when I read the Nov. 17 cover story "Reeling From the Scandal."
It would be very easy to applaud Graham Spanier's overall tenure as president of Penn State University; however, he failed to do the one thing that parents want above all else — to protect our children.
As parents, we always worry about our children the minute they leave our sight. When they leave our homes, we worry about whether they will arrive safely to school and remain protected while they are there. We've heard enough about Penn State's philanthropy and the fate of its "lucrative" football program. Honestly, who cares?
The bottom line remains: Children were abused, and nobody stood up for them or protected them. We cannot go back, but let's hope that when you know better you do better.
The only loss we should be talking about is the innocence of these children. It's time to protect the victims of this tragedy.
Cindy Gelman Singer
This Chaplain Was Deserving of All Praise
I grew wistful reading the Jewish Exponent story about Rabbi Chana Timoner, the first female Jewish chaplain to serve on active duty in the armed forces (City & Suburb: "Female Chaplain Gets Recognition at Last," Nov. 10).
Rabbi Timoner was ordained at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York, where I am proud to say I was also ordained.
In her inimitable spirit, she left a large bequest to the school, which in part offers a competitive liturgy award to a rabbinical student every year.
In 2003, I was the beneficiary of her largess when I was awarded the Rabbi Chana Timoner Creative Liturgy Award.
The plaque I won bearing her name is prominently displayed in my library as an example of her generosity and kindness, which continues long after her life, which sadly ended too soon.
Thanks so much for doing the story. She was a woman much deserving of praise and recognition.
Rabbi Lynnda Targan


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