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Federation’s 2013 Campaign Cabinet launches next week, comprising many of the best and brightest volunteers in our community.

Federation’s 2013 Campaign Cabinet launches next week, comprising many of the best and brightest volunteers in our community. A primary goal of campaign chair Bud Newman and vice-chairs Sara Minkoff and Ellyn Golder Saft, the Cabinet will gather leadership from every affinity group, providing a forum to share ideas, create strategic planning, learn from one another, and grow the campaign through 2013 and beyond. Over 40 members of various fundraising divisions and committees will meet regularly, mentoring, teaching, and learning in an effort to make both donors and solicitors more experienced and comfortable. Combining key skills of so many leaders, this core group will educate, inspire, and build enthusiasm, as they raise more dollars and gather more donors towards a super-successful 2013 Federation campaign.

Bernard “Bud” Newman, 2013 Campaign Chair

To those who know Bernard (Bud) Newman, it should come as no surprise that he has agreed to serve as chairman of the Federation Annual Campaign. Jewish communal involvement is a treasured family value.  Bud, an owner and President of Newman & Company, Inc., is the third generation of Newmans to operate this family-owned paperboard business begun by his grandfather, David, in 1918. David Newman came to America from Austria before the turn of the century.  He embodied the traditional immigrant ethic of working hard and giving back to the community.

The walls in Bud’s office are adorned with photographs of his father, grandfather and other relatives participating in Federation and other Jewish community events. Bud is carrying on this proud family tradition through his service as a member of Federation Board of Directors and Trustees and as a co-chair of this year’s Main Event.

Bud served for a number of years as chair of the Federation Paper Trades Division and continues to support the annual campaign as an Ambassador, Federation’s highest giving level. He is a trustee of the Albert Einstein Medical Center and, along with his wife Judy, served on the Benefit Committee of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service’s 2012 Gala, an organization that his daughter, Jessica Newman Solomon, currently serves as chair. 

Bud agreed to accept the Campaign Chair leadership position because, “I have an exceptionally high regard for the dedication and enthusiasm of my two vice chairs, Ellyn Golder Saft and Sara Minkoff,” he said, expressing confidence that his significant experience in raising funds for Capital Campaigns and other development activities will help him to “make a positive difference in increasing the amount of dollars to be raised by the Federation,” he said. 

Bud has great admiration for the leadership of Federation President Sherrie R. Savett and is anxious to work with her in the pursuit of  “our shared goals.”

He plans to work very closely with Sara, Ellyn and the members of the Campaign Cabinet who he describes as “an exceptional group that have dedicated themselves to the task at hand.” He believes that there is “work to be done to appeal to a wider range of Jews in our area and to try to bring back into the fold those people who have for a variety of reasons either lost interest, have become disenfranchised or indifferent with regard to Federation’s efforts.” 

He emphasizes his belief that “In the end, I believe, we are one community that has enormous growth potential with many messages to be sent to diverse and sophisticated constituents.  This is the challenge we have before us which we hope to meet.”

Ellyn Golder Saft, Vice Chair

Ellyn Golder Saft has been actively involved in Federation since 1983, when she first joined the Women’s Philanthropy Board.  Since this time, her WP leadership portfolio has grown to include service as a vice president; campaign chair and a five-time chair of the Lion of Judah luncheon-an annual event celebrating women who make a minimum gift of $5,000 to the Federation annual campaign.

In 2007, she co-chaired the Lion of Judah Luncheon when her late mother, former Women’s Philanthropy chair Cis Golder, was honored and the Cis B. Golder Garden at Orr Shalom in Haifa was established. She is currently a member of Federation’s Board of Directors and has served as a member of its Board of Trustees since 1995.  Ellyn is a recipient of Federation’s Meyer and Rosaline Feinstein Young Leadership Award, which honors young men and women who make extraordinary contributions of time, talent and energy to Federation and other Jewish communal organizations.  Ellyn is a “Sabra” Woman of Vision member and has served as its development chair.

When asked why she agreed to take on this latest challenge, she responded, “The simple answer is … I hoped I could really make a difference, both in the campaign and in the lives of thousands who depend on us every day.” When Ellyn was first approached two years ago by her dear friend Mark Fishman, the former Campaign chair to assist him as vice chairman, she was initially unsure about “stepping out of my Women’s Philanthropy comfort zone.”  Fishman assured her that “my leadership in Women’s Philanthropy was exactly what the Campaign needed”. 

Ellyn believes that “saying yes” to Fishman was one of the” best and most gratifying decisions that I have ever made!”  She hopes that others will learn by her personal example that it is possible and important to  “step out of the box, get involved, and make a difference.”

Ellyn, who also is the daughter of Bob Golder – former Federation General Campaign Chair – views her new leadership role as a tie to the important traditions and values of her personal family as well as a vehicle for “ taking care of my extended family-the Jewish community of Greater Philadelphia.”  

She firmly believes that “fund raising is a team sport”, explaining that the creation of a campaign cabinet will bring together the leadership of every Federation affinity group in an effort to learn from each other, exchange ideas and grow the annual campaign through 2013 and beyond.

“No single person can raise all of the dollars needed to fund every program and project, no matter how much they might want to – yet together, we can and do create miracles every day,” she enthused.

Sara Minkoff, Vice Chair

Sara Minkoff, the immediate past president of Women’s Philanthropy, believes that fundraising is “sacred work” that enables her to have meaningful and important conversations with people. Sara says these conversations add greatly to her life and hopes that they enhance the lives of others as well. She views this new Federation challenge as a “continuation of my leadership journey” and is optimistic that her fundraising knowledge and training gleaned from her involvement in Women’s Philanthropy will help to further the success of the general campaign 

Her Women’s Philanthropy portfolio has included service as co-chair of the WP Annual Campaign; chair of its Major Gifts Campaign; co-chair of the Lion in Spring event and as a New Lion chair. Sara is also a member of Women of Vision, the Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Sara serves as a vice president of the Federation Board of Directors and was a member of a board subcommittee charged with analyzing the most recent Federation Population Study.  She is a former member of Federation’s Policy, Strategy and Funding Committee and also served on the board of its Center for Israel and Overseas.

Sara keeps a post-it note on her desk that says: “The Life You Live Is The Legacy You Leave”.  This articulates her hopes and dreams for Federation and for the campaign she will now help to lead. “Every donor matters, every potential donor matters, every interaction is an opportunity for strengthening our Jewish community and every one of us can make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others, she explained, adding “If we lead from the heart then our wonderful donors will give from the heart and unprecedented results will follow.”

Campaign Cabinet – Coordinating Conversations

Bennett L. Aaron, Member at Large

David Adelman, Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE)

Jeffrey A. Barrack, Member at Large

Michelle Barrack, Women’s Leadership Cabinet

Mark S. Blaskey, Endowment Corporation

Penni F. Blaskey, Women of Vision

David J. Blum, Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE)

Andrew L. Cherry, Policy, Strategy & Funding

Beth Lincow Cole, Renaissance Group

Suzanne S. Feld, Women of Vision

Jeffrey Fishman, Renaissance Group

Mark Fishman, Immediate Past Campaign Chair

Laurie Franz, Center for Social Responsibility

Joel Freedman, Center for Israel & Overseas

Lewis I. Gantman, Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Steven H. Gartner, Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE)

Judith B. Ginsberg, Women of Vision

David G. Gold, Policy, Strategy & Funding

Lisa B. Goldenberg, Meadowlands Country Club

Tracy Gordon, Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Matthew Handel, Men’s Roundtable

Rena Kopelman, Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Charles D. ”Chip” Kurtzman, Green Valley Country Club

Melissa G. Landay, Center for Social Responsibility

Michele S. Levin, Center for Israel and Overseas

David H. Miller, Healthcare Affinity Group

Jodi Miller, Women’s Philanthropy

Sara Minkoff, Campaign Vice Chair

Neil J. Model, Board of Trustees

Stanton A. Moss, Green Valley Country Club

Holly Nelson, Women’s Philanthropy & Center for Israel & Overseas

Bernard ”Bud” Newman, Campaign Chair

Shari J. Odenheimer, Policy, Strategy & Funding

Ron Panitch, Member at Large

Marc Prine, Renaissance Group

David L. Reibstein, Men’s Leadership Cabinet

Mary Relles, Center for Social Responsibility

Edward H. Rosen, Member at Large

Elliot Rosen, Member at Large

Ellyn Golder Saft, Campaign Vice Chair

Sherrie R. Savett, Federation President

Susan G. Schwartz,Women’s Philanthropy

Ralph S. Snyder, Member at Large

Mitch Sterling, Renaissance Group

Danielle M. Weiss, Renaissance Group

Alan J. Woronoff, Healthcare Affinity Group

Membership as of 1/7/13.  Committee still in formation.

For more information about Campaign Cabinet, contact Addie Lewis Klein at 215-832-0828 or [email protected]




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