A Jewish Heroine Honored at Baldwin


The Baldwin School has named one of its three libraries after Holocaust victim Anne Frank in honor of a $1 million anonymous donation.

"Anne Frank is remembered for her courage, spirit and strength of character; attributes that we value highly within our community and encourage within our own 'thinking girls,' " head of school Sally Powell said in a statement, using a school term to describe the students at the all-girls private school in Bryn Mawr that serves preschool through 12th-grade.

Head librarian Kelly Grimmett said the renaming recognizes Frank's legacy and enduring contribution to literature. Students there have long understood Frank's historical significance, Grimmett continued, but it wasn't until they reviewed photographs of the doodles in her diary that they made a personal connection.

"The girls began to understand that just like them, Anne was a young creator, artist and intellectual," Grimmett stated.

Aside from the library name change, the donation, from a Baldwin family, will go toward scholarships for students to attend the 123-year-old school.


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