That’s Quite a ‘Jewtastic’ World!


Well, rock my world: VH1 is presenting "So Jewtastic" as part of its "All Access Presents."


Nah. Make that Yo!

Because it's all a topsy-turvy world, isn't it? Madonna as Esther, Adam Goldberg, "The Hebrew Hammer" … Suddenly, hip-hop has become hopped-up Yiddishkeit? Bling it on!

And that's what happens in "So Jewtastic," being shown by the cable network on Thursday, Dec. 22, at 3 p.m.

It's a five-part course in Jewishmania, in which heavy metal players prove their Jewish mettle, and such stars as Orlando Bloom of "Troy" weigh in on their heritage or are the subjects of discussion.

And come meet the real gold standard: Elon Gold, shomer Shabbat, who stacks his future against any other in Hollywood as star of Fox's "Stacked."

A nice Jewish boy as TV love interest for Pamela Anderson, his co-star?

Could happen. Didn't Arthur Miller fall for Marilyn Monroe?

"So Jewtastic" falls in that genre between "Believe It or Not" and "Pride and Prejudice" – or as Jackie Mason might say, "That's some fall."

And he has a lot to say; Mason is the scholar-in-residence on the show, offering interstitial special comments as part of "Yiddish 101."

And for those who don't know a mohel from a mole, there are some lessons to be learned. (Actually, when asked what a mohel is, one gentile respondent reasoned, "A doughnut." And when you think about it, she's not that far off.)

So, as a Chanukah gift to its viewers, VH1 offers some invaluable stereotype debunkers, letting audiences know that to restrict your concept of what a Jew can be and look like (anyone see an Anthrax concert? Rock on, Scott Ian!) is a big mythtake.

As for Jewish men as small-time lovers? Turn the lights out on that shandah of a stereotype: Adult-film star Ron Jeremy's jeremiad on the topic sticks it to that schtick.

Yet … is it really coincidental that the shortest segment of the hourlong special – even with its touting golden guys Goldberg the wrestler and Koufax the "K" king – is called "Jews in Sports"?

Some myths just never make it off the field.

For more information on the show, log on to: shows/dyn/vh1_all_access/97703 /episode.jhtml.

• • •

Passion of the … camps?

With the announcement that Mel Gibson has decided to do a TV miniseries for ABC about the Holocaust, you could hardly be blamed for thinking that he was just trying to ruin Abe Foxman's Chanukah.

But then, it's a stand-off for the movie-maker and ADL's national leader. Mel had originally announced after his global juggernaut "The Passion of the Christ" that he would produce a film about Chanukah and the Maccabees. Odds? Don't bet your eighth candle on it, Abe (who should be relieved).

Yet … instead, Mel has teamed up with ABC to adapt Holocaust survivor Flory A. Van Beek's memoir about her life on the run from the Nazis as a Dutch Jew.

Excedrin headache, A0be?

"TV Turn-Ons" can only speculate that this is all a mixed blessing for Mel's dad, Hutton, a raging Holocaust revisionist.

As Tevye would say, on the one hand, Mel's making a film about something Hutton says didn't happen, a potential lethal weapon of a conflict between the two.

On the other hand – what father wouldn't enjoy shouting to the world, "My son, the filmmaker!"

Then again, Hutton Gibson doesn't seem the type to pay much heed to Tevye and his traditions.


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