Summer Lovin’



This week's official start of summer comes as it does each year — like a breath of fresh air, an annual marker that allows us to rejoice in the prospect of long summer nights, weekends at the beach, visits with friends and family.

If you're lucky enough to be a kid or a counselor heading off to overnight camp, relish the time away from the pressures of school and chores. If you're packing up for Jewish summer camp, all the better. Although you probably won't appreciate it now, your parents are giving you a gift, planting strong Jewish seeds, that will likely last a lifetime.

If you're a senior headed to the shore for the season, enjoy that sun and surf. If an exotic vacation is on your horizon, travel safely.

Even those of us who still have to work can look forward to a different, more relaxed pace, a slight seasonal lull, a more laid-back atmosphere that comes with warm days and long daylight hours.

Use the summer to replenish your energy, read lots of good books, engage in some Jewish learning and above all — relax a little. It's bound to pass much too quickly; it always does.


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