Chanukah Craft


Make Mom happy and have fun making this Chanukah project (the drip tray will save her tablecloth from wax drippings).

You Will Need: tin foil; a pizza round or piece of cardboard/tag board cut into the desired shape; colored construction paper; stickers; Chanukah glitter; clear contact paper; scissors; and a glue stick.

First, cover the cardboard or pizza round with tin foil.

Decorate it with stickers, Chanukah glitter, Chanukah shapes or designs cut out of construction paper.

Cover the finished drip tray with clear contact paper to protect your artwork.

Make sure the contact paper covers the edges.

Now, here are some striped beeswax candles for you to make for your menorah. Don't forget to use the drip tray!

You will need: Chanukah candles, and sheets of colored beeswax, cut into 1-inch square pieces or pre-cut beeswax strips, cut into various shapes.

Wrap and press pieces of the wax around a candle, leaving the bottom half-inch of the candle unwrapped, so it still fits in your menorah. Decorate as many candles as you wish this way.


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