Chanukah Craft: Add a candle!


Here's a menorah that children can "light" each day of Chanukah. In reality, it's a refrigerator-stick chanukiah!

To make this project, you will need: 41?2-inch craft sticks (14 per picture); a 9×16-inch piece of colored tag board; glue; magic markers, crayons, glitter pens, stickers; one 9×16-inch piece of colored felt, cut into 9×5-inch and 9×7-inch pieces; scissors; 10-inch long strip of 1?2-inch magnetic tape with adhesive backing; and two additional 8-inch strips of magnetic tape.

First, decorate the craft sticks with markers, crayons, glitter pens and/or stickers.

Glue the craft sticks on tag board to form a menorah. Use two craft sticks to form a horizontal base for the candles, one to make the stem, one for each of the eight nights and two to make the shamash (shamas) candle.

Make a pocket to hold the unused "flames" by folding the 9×5-inch piece of felt in half to form a pocket.

Glue the two side edges shut.

Glue the pocket to the back of the tag board.

Cut the leftover felt into nine flame shapes. Then cut 18 half-inch squares of magnetic tape.

Peel off the backing and attach one square of magnetic tape above each candle stick and one to the back of each flame.

Add a flame a night.

Store flames in the back pocket when they are not being used.

To use as a refrigerator magnet, place the two 8-inch magnetic strips on the back of the menorah.


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