Rosh Hashanah Craft

In the synagogue, several different sounds are played on the shofar. The rabbi calls out the name of the sound, and the shofar blower responds with the sound that is asked for.

Tekiah, the "blast" is one long clear blast of sound. Shevarim, the "broken" sound is three short, quick notes. Teruah, the "alarm" is nine or more short notes played in quick succession. Finally, Tekiah Gedolah, the "great blast" is one single blast sounded as long as possible. The shofar is blown 100 times during the High Holidays.

The following is a shofar for you to make so you can imitate the shofar sounds heard in the synagogue during Rosh Hashanah.

For this project, you will need: a store-bought party horn; one 8×10-inch piece of paper cut from a brown grocery bag; markers or crayons; and tape.

Start by decorating the piece of paper with markers and/or crayons.

Starting with one corner of the paper, wrap it tightly around the party horn and tape it closed, leaving the mouthpiece uncovered.

Bend the outer end upward to form a shofar shape.

Take a deep breath, and blow some notes.



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