Make Your Own Rosh Hashanah Cards


Handmade greeting cards reflect the many themes of Rosh Hashanah: blowing the shofar, dipping apples in honey, community togetherness, etc. Creating these cards with special people in mind makes this a wonderful family activity – and perhaps a new tradition.

Here's how to make your own "Apple Print Cards."

You will need: an apple cut in half around the middle (notice the star shape in the center of the apple when cut); plastic forks; styrofoam trays or paper plates; red, yellow and green paint; white paper, folded in half or quarters; glitter (optional); and markers or crayons.

• Pour the paint into the styrofoam trays or paper plates.

• Stab the rounded side of an apple half with the plastic fork (to be used as a handle).

• Dip the flat side of the apple in the paint and scrape off any excess paint against the side of the tray.

• Stamp the apples onto the front of the white paper.

• Sprinkle glitter on the wet paint.

• When the paint is dry, write your New Year's greeting on the card.

You can also try to make "Sun Catcher" Rosh Hashanah cards.

You will need: colored construction paper (9×12 inches); 2 pieces of clear contact paper (each cut to 9×12 inches); scissors; tissue paper; and Jewish-themed confetti shapes (often found in party stores).

• Cut the shape of an apple, shofar or book out of the center of the 9×12-inch colored construction paper to form a frame.

• Cut two 9×12-inch pieces of clear contact paper.

• Lay the frame on the sticky side of one piece of the contact paper.

• Until ready to use, cover with the original nonstick backing of the contact paper. Creatively arrange cut-up pieces of tissue paper or confetti on exposed sticky contact paper.

• When finished, carefully seal the picture with the second piece of contact paper.



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