The Last Word: Tommy Lee: Aleph Male?


When TLW got a chance last week to talk to Tommy Lee — no video cameras allowed on premises — the raunchy rocker/ charming raconteur got to pondering postgraduate possibilities now that “Tommy Lee Goes to College,” a Tuesday-night hit on NBC, has made him an even bigger — if that’s possible — man on campus.
May TLW make a suggestion for the sequel? How about “Tommy Lee Goes to Cheder”?
And why not, answered his good buddy of an ex-wife, Pamela Anderson (only in a TLW fantasy): “He already knows the words to ‘Cheder, You With the Stars in Your Eyes.’ ”

Of Sun and Daughters

Want the perfect Bat Mitzvah gift for the teen with time on her hands?
The new Tan-Timer Bikini is programmed to beep every 15 minutes, letting her know when to turn over for that perfect tan.
Or, for expanded use, it can be used to let the teen know when it’s time to change moods and turn on her confounded parents.

Harry’s Hideaway

Who better to add “Steam Heat” to a production of “Pajama Game” than sizzling Harry Connick Jr. when the musical’s revived on Broadway next spring?
Sure, Connick can sing, but will he be believable as Sid Sorokin, the Jewish company man battling the union?
Sure, why not? After all, didn’t he pull off a Jewish doctor as Leo on “Will & Grace”?
Oh, one thing, Connick tells TLW. It’s not such a stretch. You see, Connick says, “My mother was Jewish.”
Hey there.

What Would Russell Do?

Friends, Romans — Akiba students!

No, it’s not a celebration of Purim, but it is a gladiator whose prowess would stop Russell Crowe in his tracks (or at least from throwing a phone at him).
When a group of Akiba Hebrew Academy Latin students — on a tour led by Akiba teacher Carol McMichael — traveled to Rome this summer to get a taste of Italian Jewish life, they received an unexpected bonus outside the Coliseum.
The costumed characters — popular tourist attractions who pose with visitors — spoke Hebrew to them! (What, you were expecting Aramaic?) These actors are members of the Roman Jewish community. Wonder how the phrase “I am Spartacus!” translates into Hebrew.



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