Stars of David Week of Aug. 18, 2005

What's the dish on the cable guy? Comcast Corp. chairman/CEO Brian Roberts, famous son of Ralph, the famous founding father (he founded Comcast, not the country), has re-upped with the Philadelphia-based company, sealing the four-year deal with a mega-millions contract. What does this all mean for subscribers? Dunno, but check your next Comcast bill. … She's beautiful, talented – and, now, powerful. Or at least local lass Brooke Lewis is in her new role as a South Philly mafioso-type daughter in "Family Business," which she just shot as a cable pilot. … Remember potty-mouthed Heidi Bressler, whose "Apprentice" appearances were some of the best [bleeping] stuff on the show? Others certainly do; the Philadelphia resident's just been named "Most Likely to Succeed" in a special reality-show poll sponsored by TV Guide and Bravo. Not that she should get too close to a gym – Heidi also came in second to Richard ("Survivor") Hatch as the favorite "dodgeball target." Ouch! And she thought the Donald's digs hurt. … Key Keystone member – that's Howard H. Weitz, M.D., a cardiologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and co-director of the Jefferson Heart Institute, just named to the Federal Medicaid Advisory Commission. He's the only Pennsylvania doc – of three physicians nationwide – in the group. A heartfelt "Stars" salute to the cardiologist from Elkins Park. … Know the Who's ditto about "Who are you?" Attorney H. Ronald Klasko knows. He's just been chosen as "one of the 25 most highly regarded immigration lawyers in the world" by International Who's Who of Business Lawyers. Guess the immigration lawyer's fame knows no borders. … Has Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner got his own version of a five-year plan? The local steel guitarist with a national following is following up his last "Novelty" act of five years ago with "My Buzz Comes Back," due out next month. Hey, Mike, does the "Slo" in "Slo-Mo" have anything to do with your album release schedule? … Tuned in: Native son Avery Gosfield traded pretzels for pasta 12 years ago, moving to Italy. Now the co-director of Lucidarium, a Milan-based group dedicated to Renaissance music, Gosfield has joined his cohorts in coming out with "La Istoria de Purim: Music and Poetry of the Jews in Renaissance Italy," funded with a grant from the European Association for Jewish Culture. As they say in the biz, mazel bene! … Eve of construction: Elkins Parks' Nomi Eve, best-selling author whose The Family Orchard took root in many a household bookshelf, has been selected for inclusion in Where Love Is Found, an anthology marking the silver anniversary of Glimmer Train, a prestigious literary pub. Third time's the charm for the charming writer – indeed, this is the third time she's been included in the journal. … Jeffrey Lurie – movie star? Well, the Eagles owner is featured in "E-A-G-L-E-S, the Movie," a new fan-POV documentary about last year's samba with the Super Bowl. Not that Lurie is unfamiliar with the howls of Hollywood; before his football franchise career soared, he was a producer of such film fare as "Foxfire" and "Sweet Hearts Dance," and even appeared in the famous "Jerry Maguire," playing … himself. Hope he wasn't holding out to play T.O. … Let's see; "Stars" has his custard cone, salt-water taffy, casino-member's card, good-luck troll – wait, it must be time for a board walk! And here they are, taking the summer stroll: Richard J. Braemer has been named chairman, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network board of trustees, and Richard C. Sheerr of Bryn Mawr, chairman, Albert Einstein Healthcare Services board of trustees, both for 2005-06. As they say in the hospital halls and on "ER," may they serve in good health.


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