The Last Word Week of July 7, 2005


The Young & the Marching
As Victor Newman, Eric Braden has been on “The Young and the Restless” for 25 years (well, maybe not so young anymore). But TLW gives him the distinction of actually being the bold and the beautiful.
How else to describe the heartfelt move the gentile German native made by taking part in the recent March of the Living across Europe honoring the liberation of Auschwitz? Playing ball with Jewish history is not so unfamiliar to the TV star, who once was the lone German on a team of Israelis playing soccer as the Maccabees.
Such a good guy — even in the soap world, he’s too good to have an evil twin.

Oil’s Well That Drills Well
There’s gold in them thar … sand?
That’s what the head of Zion Oil & Gas, based in Dallas, thinks, as he’s drilling right at Kibbutz Ma’anit in Israel, according to a news report.
How’d he know? He got the tip from reading Deuteronomy, says John Brown.
Anything about today’s lucky number?

History Inverted
In its latest listing of the world’s most expensive cities, Mercer Human Resources Consulting places Berlin at No. 39, with Tel Aviv at 40. Dunno, but TLW sees some ironic justice in the Germans having to look over their shoulders at the Jews.

How They Forget …
Has everyone got short-term memory? Sure, Hank Greenberg no longer leads the AIG, but who can forget when he was king of the RBIs?

All in the Family
She is Spartacus!
All right, not Spartacus, but the granddaughter of Spartacus. Okay, not the granddaughter of Spartacus, but the granddaughter of the man who wrote Spartacus.
And Molly Jong-Fast is also known as the author of The Sex Doctors in the Basement: True Stories From a Semi-Celebrity Childhood, a title one would expect from the daughter of Erica Jong, who surely by now has no more fear of flying.
As for Spartacus? Molly calls Howard Fast, its author, her zayda.
“I thought … this is the time to write about these people because they are so nuts,” she told Associated Press.

Very nice; TLW calls such a comment a good example of nachas from the kinder.

Profiles Considered?
There’s casting and then there’s typecasting … In an audition announcement listed by the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, the Prince Music Center is scheduling auditions for Randy Newman’s upcoming musical “The Middle of Nowhere.” One part being filled is that of: “[THE SALESMAN] Caucasian actor, 30 to 45. He’s a Jewish traveling salesman. He has a big personality. There is something smarmy in his manner.” Yeah, something smarmy in the announcement, too.

Something Up His Sleeve?
Illusionist David Blaine probably has no illusions about the guy who’s suing him for stealing “godly powers.” The claimant also announced that he will add Bill Gates as his 2008 running mate for the presidential election. TLW is not about to say the gent may be a micro soft in the head, but everyone knows Gates is apolitical; he just does Windows.


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