Stern Gets Grant for Advocacy

Thanks to brand-new funding in the form of a grant, the staff at Stern Hebrew High School will be working with the Jewish Agency for Israel to come up with some innovative programs, activities, speakers and trips to help students learn about the value of Israel, and how to advocate affectively for it.

According to head of school Rabbi Moshe Simkovich, beginning in the fall, Stern will send staff members to work with representatives from JAFI and with teachers to participate in planning workshops both here and in Israel.

The $40,000 grant, donated by businessman Robert Guzzardi, who's also a board member of the Jewish Publishing Group, will help fund the exploration of new programming in the hope of finding the most effective way to get the Zionist message across to students.

Said Simkovitch: "The traditional way of teaching Zionism is not the answer nowadays. Now, we can take advantage of interactive media, and make good choices about how to teach these things rather than throwing around money in an uncoordinated way."

The school hopes to begin implementing the ideas during the 2006-07 academic year.



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