New and Improved

This week's issue of the Jewish Exponent marks the debut of a complete redesign, which hasn't been done since January 1999. So, what does all this mean for readers?

The new look and format aren't just an exercise for the sake of change alone. Our purpose is to create a weekly Jewish newspaper that best serves the multifarious needs of the community. That means not only using our pages to inform readers about vital Jewish news and issues, but also to highlight portions of the populace, such as young people and singles, who are currently underserved by the organized Jewish world.

Upcoming issues will address that goal by opening up more windows to the Jewish world on the front page, as well as by giving subscribers more of the content they want and need. We are in the business of selling not only advertising, but ideas as well.

As your hometown weekly Jewish newspaper, the Exponent remains committed to both a tradition of excellence and the necessity of adapting to a changing world. Though most people will continue to rely on the hard-copy paper that comes to them in the mailbox or in their apartment building, we know that many of you are also reading us online ( We're committed to making the Web version of the Exponent reflect the many changes that we've made, and plan on improving the online content – as well as the graphics and search engines – so that the computer literate can access Jewish news and events in a format that best suits their preferences.

As always, the newspaper is a work in progress, and we are far from through with the process of improving this product. And as usual, we look forward to hearing your input about the changes we've made and the work we do from week to week. u



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