Shop Local: South Jersey Gift Guide


Find out where Jersey-lebrities shop for Chanukah in this mini gift guide.

Where do Jersey-lebrities shop for Chanukah? Haddonfield’s By Hand is a favorite of Susan Bass Levin, president and CEO of the Cooper Foundation at Cooper University Hospital. “I can always find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift,” she says, “and I always take home a gift for myself, too! I love the simple beauty of the jewelry and the crafts. The range of items — both as to price and variety — makes it easy to shop there for family and friends of all ages, sizes, taste and interests.”

Bass Levin’s other local favorites include Aenigma in Collingswood, Nordstrom and Cherry Hill’s Tehen and Lee Newman, both of which support women’s health initiatives at Cooper. And, the stores have great gifts. “The Tumi luggage is a great gift for a travelling family,” Bass Levin says. “And when in doubt for a men’s gift, the ties are always spectacular.”

Chuck Cahn, the mayor of Cherry Hill, agrees. Lee Newman “has great Tommy Bahamas jeans and casual menswear, as well as a wide selection of sports coats and dress pants that are perfect for most mayoral work days.”

Danzeisen & Quigley in Cherry Hill is another of Cahn’s favorites. “D&Q carries all the best active wear,” he says, “including equipment and outfits for my favorite sports: skiing and biking.”

In the non-apparel category, Cahn nominates Jilly B’s in Cherry Hill. “Jilly B’s has an award-winning selection of unique gifts for a wide array of occasions,” he says. “I love the personalized service, too. There’s also frozen yogurt to enjoy while you shop.”

Jilly B’s has another big fan: Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, head of school at Kellman Brown Academy. His other favorites include Luigi’s Pizza Fresca in Marlton and The Ice Cream Parlour in Cherry Hill. “The owners are Rich and Sharon,” Schwartz says. “They used to be the cleaning crew at our school and opened this shop. It was packed all summer, all day long. Ice cream, 24 flavors of fro-yo, toy trains, cute seats in shape of animals, etc. It’s not just a typical ice cream store.”

As for gift buying, Schwartz suggests Finally The Perfect Gift in Cherry Hill (“My wife said it is very trendy”) and Mixellaneous in Marlton (“All the moms at Kellman talk about it”).

What else moms talk about: spa gift cards. “Personalized spa sessions are an out-of-the-park treat,” says Teresa M. Nymick, social media manager for Mt. Laurel’s aLoft Hotel. “The gift of relaxation is priceless, especially during the holiday season.” Bernard’s Spa and Salon in Cherry Hill is one of Nymick’s top picks.

Nymick also suggests a diva-style dinner date. “A-listers should arrive in style,” she says, “so treat your someone special with a luxurious limo ride to dinner.” The most important thing, Nymick says, is to share the holiday. “Don’t just give gifts,” she says. “Give memories.”


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