Letters Week of Nov. 15, 2012


Adelson wasted his money on the Republicans, a reader insists, while another calls the big donor a modern hero.

A Note of Thanks for Money Well Wasted

I would like to thank the Republican Jewish Coalition for wasting Sheldon Adelson’s money on an offensive, inaccurate and poorly executed advertising campaign that failed to convince most Jews of the fantasy that Mitt Romney’s vision reflected Jewish values.

Well played, gentlemen.
Charles Smolover

Adelson’s a Hero; Rabbis Should Stick to Shul

The election may be over but my views still stand: After reading the opinion piece by Sheldon Adelson in the Oct. 25 Jewish Exponent titled “Don’t Risk Israel’s Security,” I found it profound in the author’s feeling for the Jewish people, especially those of us who have supported Israel for all the years since it was established.

Mr. Adelson does put his money where his mouth is. Many Jews like to talk and give advice and do little or nothing for the State of Israel or even for the synagogues they belong to. Mr. Adelson is a very generous man and people should admire him and thank him because he feels he’s doing what’s correct to protect our homeland.

But the individuals who wrote the accompanying opinion piece, “President Has Values and a Vision” — Rabbis Steven Bob, Sam Gordon and Burt Visotzky — should simply do their jobs as spiritual leaders.

Rabbis and synagogues have to be non-political. Synagogues have a tax-free position because they are houses of faith. Therefore, if you allow candidates to preach from the pulpit you will lose your tax status.

I deeply feel that these three rabbis should do rabbinical work to help the poor, teach, visit the sick and oppressed, and not enter the limelight to sway anyone to vote for a particular candidate. They are rabbis. Why not act that way?
Raymond F. Mensh
Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

Don’t Inflate Numbers Concerning Republicans

I agree that Jewish Republicans live in the area, as was mentioned in your article, “Community Voices From the Polls” in the Nov. 8 issue. A variety of polls have been conducted and they are in agreement: Romney earned the support of about 30 percent of the Jewish electorate.

However, when you say that “500 people turned out for a Republican Jewish Coalition event last week in Melrose Park,” you give the impression that the 500 people were all Republicans.

In fact, the RJC made an effort to attract undecided voters and Obama Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania brought in supporters to rebut RJC arguments against the president’s record of support for Israel.
Daniel E. Loeb

Why No Mention at All of Kristallnacht?

Why, on the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Nov. 9-10 “night of broken glass,” the German-sponsored pogram against the Jews in 1938, was there no mention of it in the Jewish Exponent’s Nov. 8 issue? Has the Jewish community forgotten an event we should “never forget”?
Howard Lurie
King of Prussia


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