A Headstart on Philanthropy


With the help of their teachers and family members, the pre-k students at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park raised more than $300 for the Ronald McDonald House. 

Mitzvah Heroes: Pre-K class at the Richard E. Rudolph Jr. Preschool of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park.

What They Did for Love: Led by their teacher, Amy Kaiserman, this year’s pre-K raised more than $300 for the Ronald McDonald House. The children chose the beneficiary of their fund-raising efforts from a group of possibilities.

Not a One Time Thing: This year’s class is just the latest in the school’s pre-K history to tackle a tzedakah project under the guidance of preschool director Beth Berman.

How They Did It: The 4-year-olds asked family members for contributions and dropped the proceeds into a giant tzedakah box at school.

Good for Them: “At their age,” says Berman, “they understand what it is to do a mitzvah and what it means to be a mensch. A big part of what we do here is teach values, and by the time they’re 4, they know how much it means to others to do what they are doing.” The project also “spun off lessons about spending money and being responsible with money.”


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