A Double-Duty Medical Supplier



Stolen walker or wheelchair? Andy Scolnick is at the rescue, donating replacements from his Feasterville-based medical supply business. 

Mitzvah Hero: Andy Scolnick, president of Seventh Street Medical Supply in Feasterville

What He Does for Love: Donates medical supplies to physically challenged people who are victims of crime. His acts of tzedakah have attracted local TV coverage.

Not a One-Time Thing: Scolnick has helped a number of people whose stories he heard about through the media.

How He Does It: Scolnick shows up at victims’ homes to present them with a replacement for the medical item that was stolen, whether a new wheelchair or walker.

Good for Him: “I remember seeing a story about someone who stole a 9-year-old’s wheelchair right out of his mother’s car. The little boy had a lot of different disabilities. Well, it hit home – I have a 9-year-old daughter.” Then there was the case he viewed on Fox 29 in “which someone stole this woman’s walker. I knew I had one just like it.”

Indeed, it was that mitzvah that brought Scolnick — whose father Irv started the company in 1983 — to the Jewish Exponent’s attention: Edith Steele of Center City told us about her stolen walker.

The 46-year-old Mitzvah Hero also recently donated a power chair to a man with multiple brain tumors, again reminded of a family member.  “My nephew is in remission from brain tumors.”

Why has Scolnick been so charitable? “It feels good,” he explains. “You can’t save the world but you can try your best. And I believe that what goes around comes around.”


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