Letters: Week of Oct. 25, 2012



RJC Ad Was Enough to Make Your Blood Boil

I look forward to reading the Jewish Exponent every week to help bring me up to date on Jewish-related events and news in the area and other interesting articles of a Jewish nature.
I do not read the paper to see misguided political ads!
On page 4 of the Oct. 18 edition, there is a full-page advertisement placed by the Republican Jewish Coalition that was filled with lies about President Barack Obama and, indirectly, encouraged people to vote Republican. Seeing this advertisement literally made me sick.
There is no place for this kind of ad in your newspaper. I don’t care how much money the group paid for the advertisement, you should not have accepted this ad. As a Jewish newspaper that serves the entire community, this publication should not have politically partisan ads.
Please keep the Jewish Exponent a weekly paper that serves the entire Jewish community and does not contain advertisements that infuriate a good portion of your readership.
Martin Shanin
Cherry Hill, N.J.

Advertisement Was Filled With Spurious Statements

Spurious statements in the Republican Jewish Coalition’s advertisement in your Oct. 18 edition need to be corrected.
First, President Barack Obama did not state that his proposal to use the 1967 borders with land swaps was a precondition for peace talks. He put “mutually agreed” before land swaps — and mutual agreement means no precondition.
Second, Obama did not refuse to recognize Jeru­salem as Israel’s capital. Indeed, when the platform committee at the Democratic National Convention omitted support of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in its platform, he insisted that the omission be corrected.
Harold Jacobs

Arlen Specter: ‘Toughest Man’ He Ever Knew

I am proud to say that the late Sen. Arlen Specter was a friend of mine. He was the toughest man I ever knew. No matter how difficult the situation, he stood up like a giant and fought — and with a ready smile.
Everything I ever asked him to do to help Israel, he did: from linking Palestinian aid to compliance with Oslo; to fighting Arab terrorists; to supporting the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; to opposing Strobe Talbott, a hostile Israel critic, for undersecretary of state. (Few knew that two of his sisters were Orthodox, with one living in Israel.)
Specter was Israel’s best friend among the 13 Jewish senators. His passing was a great loss to Israel and to America.
Morton A. Klein
Zionist Organization of America

Article on RJC Left Quite an Incorrect Impression

The article “RJC Coming to K.I., Four Months After the Dems,”  in the Oct. 11 issue, left the impression that the Republican Jewish Coalition is a Jewish organization. That is not entirely accurate.
The RJC is not a Jewish advocacy/defense group that happens to vote Republican; it’s a GOP organization whose objective is to persuade Jews to accept the Republican consensus.
And these days, that “Republican consensus” is Tea Party-centric and beholden to the Christian Right.
For example, if there is one issue that unites American Jewry across the board, it is embryonic stem-cell research; yet, as loyal Republicans, the RJC defended President Bush’s veto of this legislation. Traditionally, U.S. support for Israel has been bipartisan; however, during the Bush and Obama presidencies, the RJC has sought deliberately to turn it into a wedge issue.
Stas Cohen
Newark, Del.


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